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  • Why am I not getting e-mail updates?
    If you have unsubscribed from our marketing e-mails, there is a chance that you may not receive our important account and scheduling update e-mails. Please also check your spam folder. Issues? Please let us know.
  • My e-mail update said work would be done today, but the crew is not here.
    Our crews may be routed for several projects or services in a single day. Unlike our office hours, crews may work (or arrive) at a job site past 4pm CST. Although your scheduling update e-mail provides a specific day for you to expect our team, it may be later in the day before they arrive at your property.
  • Why don't you recommend mowing my grass shorter?
    Cutting off more than ⅓ of the grass blade can harm the grass and promote weed growth throughout the lawn. We do our very best to provide quality mowing services that you can be proud of, while actively working to maintain a happy and healthy lawn.
  • How often should I water my newly sodded lawn?
    Sod requires heavy watering. The goal is water frequently and heavily enough to ensure water reaches the roots of the new sod. Generally, you can water your newly sodded lawn 20 minutes per day, ideally in the morning or early afternoon, until your sod has firmly taken root. Successful rooting can be checked by lifting the sod and seeing if it has rooted (attached) to the ground.
  • How often should I water my seeded lawn?
    Newly seeded lawns require consistent watering. It is extremely important that the area stays moist until germination. To achieve consistent moisture, you may need to water your newly seeded area with light pressure (to ensure seeds don’t wash away) morning and night – and up to three times per day if mid-day temperatures are high and/or in direct sunlight.
  • I just signed up for Fertilization & Weed Control. How long until my lawn is in great shape?
    Generally speaking, it will take your lawn the same amount of time to recover and get in great condition as it took to get in its current condition. That means that one application (and sometimes even one full year of service) may not turn your lawn into a golf course, BUT each application serves a purpose and provides healing treatment to your soil and grass.
  • Will my lawn be completely weed-free with Fertilization & Weed Control?
    It may be normal to see some weeds pop up in your yard throughout the seasons, especially depending on the package you receive. We offer four, five, and six application packages; the more frequently our applicator visits your lawn, the more they would spot-treat pesky weeds (and thus, the less frequently they visit, the less they would spot-treat). Generally speaking, some weeds are more difficult to prevent or maintain. Please let us know if you have any concerns, or send a photo of the weeds you’re seeing to our office by text or e-mail so we can quickly assess and solve.
  • What is core aeration, and do I need it?
    Core aeration loosens the soil to help with the flow of air, water and fertilizers. It helps control thatch build up, stimulates root development, and creates a more healthy, lush lawn. We recommend it once a year for every lawn.
  • How often should I re-apply mulch to my garden beds?
    Mulch is your preference, but we recommend twice a year.
  • How often is my grass cut?
    Our normal schedule is weekly mowing April Through October, and bi-weekly mowing November through March.
  • What is levelized billing?
    Our levelized billing program allows you to pay the same amount every month regardless of how many visits we make that month. To come up with your levelized billing price, we do the following; Let's say your yard is billed at $40 per visit. We take the $40 per visit and multiply it by an average of 42 visits per year, which gives you $1,680. We then divide the $1,680 by 12 months, which gives you $140 per month.
  • How do I pay for my bill?
    We require a debit or credit card of your choice be placed on file to begin services. Other arrangements can be made, please review our Terms of Service for more details.
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